Mt Glorious Centenary Celebrations

On 10 October 2009 a community picnic was held at Camp Constable to mark the centenary of the erection of the first European house at Mt Glorious on what is now (2013) Rooklyn Farm in Mt Glorious Village.


Dobson Family: Mrs Dorothy Dobson, daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Patrick, who were friends of Thomas Lindsay, and who lived in Lindsay’s house. Dorothy, who was in her 90s when this photograph was taken (2009), is their youngest child. With her are her son, Graham Dobson senior, and her grandson and his wife, Graham junior and Liane Dobson.


Peter and June Gibbons: Peter Gibbons’ father established Clover Lea  Farm. The present (2013) Mt Glorious Café and Restaurant was the farmhouse. Peter and June Gibbons later ran the farm themselves.


Peter Gibbons and Dorothy Dobson.


Oskar and Meg Ceccato, children of Phil and Lilly Ceccato, of Mt Glorious, unveiled the memorial plaque. Ann O’Connor supervised the unveiling. The plaque has been erected outside Rooklyn Farm.

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Last modified: 6 January 2013